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St. Francis Healthcare System Salutes Our HAH Awardees

September 16, 2013

St. Francis Healthcare System of Hawaii is proud to announce that four of our employees have won prestigious awards from the HealthcareLea-Anne Davis St  Francis Association of Hawaii.

Lea-Anne Davis, Scheduling Representative in the Call Center, received the Distinguished Service Award in Home Care and Hospice.  Lea-Anne is relatively new to the St. Francis ohana, but she has been named an Employee of the Quarter and a St. Marianne Cope Awardee in January 2013 for exemplifying our Franciscan values of peacemaking, simplicity, charity, and joy.  Knowing hers is

the first voice that callers hear when they call St. Francis for assistance, Lea-Anne takes her job seriously.  She stands out because she is able to identify issues and recommend solutions to improve the Call Center’s processes.  She is proactive and recognizes the urgency of scheduling patients and working with families when a loved one needs end-of-life care.  Her passion for what she does is seen and heard in each of her phone calls, and she is sincere and courteous even with the most difficult customer calls.  Congratulations, Lea-Anne! To learn more about Lea-Anne and her Distinguished Service Award, watch the video by clicking here.

Patricia Ha St  FrancisThe 2013 Professional with a Heart Award was given to Patricia Ha, physical therapist.  Patricia’s approach is to look after what’s best for the patient.  Pat is concerned for the whole person, not just her patient’s physical condition and capabilities, but also their emotional state.  She is known using even the slightest inflection in a patient’s voice to help her understand the patient’s true condition.  This is the second consecutive year in which the Professional with a Heart Award was given to a member of the St. Francis Healthcare System ohana.  Congratulations, Pat!  To learn more about Pat’s work and the award, please click here to watch the video.

The 2013 Physician of the Year Award for Home Care and Hospice recipient is Dr. Anna Loengard, our chief medical Officer.  Dr. Loengard consistently excels in promotion and utilization of the continuum of care.  She actively participates in patient care and shows her deep appreciation for all members of the care team.  She continually strives to improve the quality of healthcare in the community.  Dr. Loengard is able to answer a family’s questions about a loved-one’s serious, life-Dr  Anna Loengard St  Francislimiting illness in ways the family can understand.  She takes time to communicate with families and this welcome at times of emotional distress.  Dr. Loengard is able to have difficult conversations with patients and provides support for families, staff, and patients who are dealing with serious bereavement issues.  To learn more about Dr. Anna Loengard and the Physician of the Year Award, click here to watch the video.  Congratulations, Dr. Anna!

Congratulations also to Melissa Ah Ho-Mauga, who received the Home Care and Hospice Leadership Award.  St. Francis Healthcare System is proud of our 2013 Healthcare Association of Hawaii awardees and of all members of our ohana.  Whether providing hands-on care to our patients and their families, or working in support positions, all members of the St. Francis team embody our Franciscan values of peacemaking, simplicity, charity, and joy to their co-workers and all with whom they interact.



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