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St. Francis Healthcare System Employees Make Us Proud

July 10, 2013

 St. Francis Healthcare System of Hawaii is blessed to have healthcare professionals on our team who are committed to advancing the mission of hah_logo_new.aiSaint Marianne Cope and the Sisters of St. Francis. They also hold themselves to high standards to ensure patients, families and other stakeholders have a positive experience with St. Francis.   Each year, the Healthcare Association of Hawaii welcomes nominations in various categories from healthcare organizations statewide. This year, St. Francis employees received four Healthcare Association of Hawaii awards. They will be honored at HAH’s annual Awards and Scholarship Dinner at the Ko`olau Ballrooms & Conference Center in Kaneohe on Saturday, September 7, 2013.  

Distinguished Service Award: Lea-Anne Davis

Lea-Anne Davis, Scheduling Representative in the Call Center, will receive the Distinguished Service Award in the Hospice and Home Care category for her exceptional work. Although she is relatively new in her position and to St. Francis, Lea-Anne has been named an Employee of the Quarter and received a St. Marianne Award this past January for exemplifying the core values of joy, simplicity, peacemaking, and charity.  Lea-Anne stands out as an employee because she is able to not only identify issues, but also recommend solutions to improve the Call Center’s processes. She has taken a proactive approach to understand how she can increase hospice census in her role within the Call Center. She recognizes the urgency of scheduling patients and the importance of customer service to make St. Francis Hospice the preferred hospice program when a family needs end-of-life care. Her passion for what she does is consistently seen and heard in each of her phone calls, and her sincerity and courteousness are evident even in the most difficult customer calls. This is the second consecutive year a St. Francis Healthcare System of Hawaii employee received this Distinguished Service Award as Trish Walsh-Domingo received the award last year.

 Leadership Award: Melissa Ah Ho-Mauga

As Director of Revenue Management, Melissa Ah Ho-Mauga interfaces with payers, healthcare providers, and employees in virtually every department within St. Francis Healthcare System.  Melissa was selected for the Leadership Award because she has demonstrated healthcare leadership in the community, is an inspiration to her colleagues, and is dedicated to sound policy aimed at improving or enhancing the delivery of healthcare.  When new programs are being developed, you’ll find Melissa at the table because of the depth of her knowledge on regulations on finance and providers. This enables processes to be developed efficiently with payers and providers. She is also sought after because of her ethical standards and commitment to the community. In preparing for the launch of HMSA’s Supportive Care program, Melissa participated in meetings with HMSA, which relied on her insights on clinical aspects as well as financial requirements to develop step-by-step procedures to process claims.  While some may see her role as being behind the scenes, Melissa leads by example, and is comfortable being on the frontline with various stakeholders. She meets face-to-face with physicians, educates clinicians, initiates conversations with payers, and speaks with families to ensure they have access to the services we provide. It’s important to note that Melissa’s department, which includes the Business Office, was one of the departments that were honored with a St. Marianne Award this past January.

Professional with Heart Award: Patricia Ha

Patricia Ha is a physical therapist in home health, and is a professional with a lot of heart. She received the Professional with Heart Award in the Hospice and Home Care category. She approaches physical therapy in a different way, always looking after what’s best for patient.  Pat looks at the totality of patients – not just their physical condition and capabilities, but also their emotional state. She is known for detecting even the slightest inflection in a patient’s voice to help her understand how a patient is really doing. One patient insisted he had enough therapy. Pat thought for a moment and used humor to motivate the patient to see the value of continuing his physical therapy. Pat does not believe in giving up, and more importantly, does not let patients give up on themselves.

She was once so determined to make sure another patient, who had been putting off therapy sessions, had the physical therapy. Despite having twin boys who are about a year and a half old and a busy family life, she offered to meet with that patient to accommodate his schedule.  Another patient involved in a motorcycle accident sustained fractures all over his body. He was in so much pain that physical therapy had to be postponed until his wounds improved and pain subsided.  She was also able to help the patient get appropriate care for his wounds. Today, that patient is able to continue at the University of Hawaii with an ROTC scholarship.  These are a few of the many stories that show Pat’s commitment to creating healthy communities in the spirit of Christ’s healing ministry.

Felicia Marquez-Wong, Manager of Social Work and Bereavement Services for St. Francis Hospice, received the Professional with Heart Award in the Hospice and Home Care category in 2011.

Congratulations to all St. Francis Healthcare System’s 2013 awardees.  We are grateful to them for continuing Mother Marianne Cope’s legacy of compassionate care and service to all in need, and for being living examples of our corporate values of peacemaking, simplicity, charity, joy, and sustainability.

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