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Home Health Aides Promote Independent Living

February 07, 2013

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Whether we want it to be or not, caregiving for a loved one is a full-time job. As most of our parents would like to remain at home when they age, there comes a time when we cannot possibly provide all of the care and assistance they require.   Rather than forcing your loved one to move in with you or pushing her/him into a nursing home or assisted living facility prematurely, bringing a home health aide into the mix can be the perfect solution.   Hiring a home health aide can help your loved one maintain their independence, all while easing caregiving stress.

Three example scenarios for in-home care:

1. A loved one lives alone and needs help with daily tasks. An aide who stops by for a few hours a day can help drive your loved one to the doctor and the store, do light work around the house and generally check up on things — all while providing social interaction.

2. A loved one is too proud to accept help from family members. But, this loved one is starting to need help. It’s hard enough for your loved one to admit to friends and family that s/he needs help using the bathroom. A live-in home health aide lets your loved one maintain more dignity about these matters and go on living a normal life.

3. A loved one had an accident and requires around-the-clock care for a few weeks. A broken hip makes everything more difficult, but it shouldn’t be a one-way ticket into nursing care if your parent or loved lives alone and you can’t be there. A live-in home health aide can stay with your parent or loved one through this tough time, helping him/her to the bathroom at any hour, cooking, cleaning and even keeping up with light medical care.

Home care is a flexible and customizable form of care. It can be tailored to meet the needs of your loved one, allowing for both of you to dictate the type of care and when that care should be provided.   With the right home care service, your loved one can stay in the most familiar surrounding possible–their own home. By doing so, they can remain happy and healthy without forcing you to take on the full burden of full-time caregiver.

St. Francis Healthcare System provides home health service on Oahu and Kauai.  If your parent or loved one needs health care at home, please call us at (808) 547-6500.  Our trained, professional home health aides can help you care for your loved one.  We are St. Francis Healthcare System.  We understand, and we want to help.


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