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St. Francis Hospice Grief Counseling Services

September 09, 2014




St. Francis Hospice offers bereavement support through a wide array of services including: Grief Counseling, Support Groups, Walks in the Mall, Memorial Services, Community Events, and phone consultations.


2014 GC Be Team LSW's Luisa

Luisa Wyant, L.C.S.W.  Ph: (808) 547-8147

2014 GC Be Team LSW's Val

Valerie Payton, L.C.S.W. Ph: (808) 547-8144

Wesley Taira, L.C.S.W. Ph: (808) 547-8129

2014 GC Be Team LSW's Felicia

Felicia Marquez-Wong, L.S.W., Q.C.S.W., C.T. Bereavement Services Supervisor


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