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Employee of the Quarter Lea-Anne Davis Makes Every Caller Feel Special

December 12, 2012

by Nathan Hokama

Those who work in the St. Francis Healthcare System Call Center are an important link between our team of healthcare professionals and all of those we serve. This includes physicians, patients, clients, family caregivers, and others.

The Call Center is often a caller’s first encounter with St. Francis, and the caller’s first impression of St. Francis is made during that first phone conversation. The Call Center’s importance cannot be underestimated.

Each of the Call Center team members plays a critical role; however, Lea-Anne Davis, who recently retired from Hawaiian Telcom, has been a welcome addition to the Call Center team. Her extensive experience in customer service, people skills, and desire to help others comes through loud and clear over the phone, which is why she deserves to be been named Employee of the Quarter. Lea-Anne definitely exemplifies the core values of simplicity, peacemaking, charity and joy. Congratulations, Lea-Anne!

Lea-Anne recently shared some valuable tips to deliver great customer service. She revealed her secrets to remind us that each person we talk to deserves dignity and respect, so that all know that St. Francis Healthcare System really cares for them:

Genuine caring: “It’s important to like what you do. I have always been customer oriented. If I can provide a warm voice and ear to my callers or my co-workers, hearing the satisfaction in their voices means a lot to me. My voice is the first voice our callers hear. I want my callers to feel, as our commercials advertise, that St. Francis is a caring organization, with excellent values. I want to project that value.”

Listening intently with undivided attention: “Some of my secrets include having a warm, friendly and caring personality, giving my utmost attention and listening to the needs of each and every caller, whether it’s for bathing, home care, Lifeline or hospice…I give my undivided attention as if that caller is the only call I receive for the day.”

Empathy with confidence in the ability of our St. Francis colleagues:“I realize that this is frightening to some families, so I bring to them an assurance that they are choosing the best organization…I treat each and every caller with tender loving care, empathy…”

Mission-orientation and easy to work with: “I try to project to my callers that St. Francis is true to their mission and the easiest company to do business with…Providing excellent customer service is also the result of wonderful ongoing training provided by our managers.” Mahalo to Lea-Anne for your valuable tips and congratulations on being named our Employee of the Quarter!

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