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Easing the Transition from Hospital to Home

September 23, 2013

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Hospitalizations can be stressful, both for the patient and for his or her family.  And while we are usually happy when our loved one comes home, the return home can also be a stressful time.  Often, patients are not fully recovered when they are discharged from inpatient care.  They may require care while at home to make a full recovery, and family and friends may be confused or concerned about their ability to meet their loved one’s need for care while they recover at home.  This article from explains how you can work with your loved one’s doctor and medical care team to ease the transition process and avoid hospital readmissions.

If you are caring for loved one recovering at home after hospitalization, we can help.  St. Francis Healthcare System has a wide range of home-based services available.  Nursing care, physical and occupational therapy, and personal grooming and hygiene assistance can support your loved one and your family in recovering from a hospital admission.  If you have questions, call us at (808) 547-6500.  We understand, and we want to help.

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