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Congratulations to Luisa Wyant, Our Employee of the Quarter!

June 18, 2013


Luisa Wyant received overwhelming support from her co-workers to be the Employee of the Quarter because of the quality of her work, her commitment to the mission of St. Francis Healthcare System, and her demonstration of Franciscan values to fellow employees, volunteers, interns and bereaved families.


Luisa has a wealth of experience in bereavement care, some of which comes from her own experience as a caregiver at the end-of-life for her parents with dementia. She also served as a social worker with patients and families before joining the Bereavement Services team, so she has a full understanding of people’s feeling and needs in the entire bereavement process.


Her co-workers say that Luisa brings a high level of attention to detail and high standards in preparing materials to work with bereaved families.  She has a “creative flare” and is able to incorporate her broad knowledge of creative approaches to her grief work.


Many co-workers shared that Luisa always goes beyond the call in helping others and demonstrates charity, often stopping whatever she is doing to help others — with a smile.  For example, one person wrote, “We benefit from the quiet way she gives of herself. The department is able to run more smoothly and those in the department have been able to better serve others because of Luisa’s quality of work.


Valerie Payton wrote that when she was graduate student, she met with Luisa to better understand the role of a hospice social worker. “It was that interview that convinced me to become a hospice social worker. She has been an inspiration and great help to me in learning to do our work…”


Wesley Taira, wrote that Luisa “will drop everything to help with tasks, big or small.”  He also noted that she “always anticipates the needs of others before they are known” and is “always supportive, caring and understanding.”  Wesley added that Luisa is “always doing things behind the scenes just to make sure clients and operations are taken care of and things run smoothly.”


David Wo wrote that her hard work inspires others to also work hard. “She continues to spread joy in the offices, which makes a pleasant working environment.”


“Luisa has a warm presence and genuine caring,” wrote Kathy Hallock. This explains why Luisa’s support groups and walks are well attended. “She shares her knowledge and wisdom graciously and generously,” Kathy added. “She spreads joy, laughter and aloha!”


Congratulations to Luisa!





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