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Being a Better Caregiver

June 13, 2013

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Caring for a chronically ill or fragile loved one can be both challenging and rewarding.  Often, the “rules” by which the relationship between the caregiver and loved one changes–adult children take on a more parental role, while elders requiring care become the receivers of care and attention.  This can create some awkwardness for both the caregiver and the loved one.  This article from provides helpful advice for caregivers who find their relationship with their loved one changing as a result of the loved one’s need for care.

If you are caring for a chronically ill or fragile loved one, we can help.  St. Francis Healthcare System of Hawaii offers many home-based services that assist families caring for someone with health challenges.  Our call center professionals can help you find the services you need to ensure that your loved one receives the care he or she needs.  Please call us at (808) 547-6500.  We understand, and we want to help.

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