Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About St. Francis Preschool

When will the preschool open?

St. Francis Preschool is scheduled to open in January, 2013.  The exact date will be determined as construction is completed.

What is the focus of learning at St. Francis Preschool?

The program uses various Montessori practices combined with traditional preschool methods to provide young children with ongoing opportunities to learn important skills and knowledge and challenge their intellectual development.  Each preschooler is introduced to the joy of learning through a hands-on, active exploration of their environment. 

St. Francis Preschool features mixed age classrooms for children ages 3 to 6 years.

What does “intergenerational” mean?

Intergenerational means that the young and the old – two generations – are brought together.  At certain times of the day, our St. Francis Preschool children gather with older adult participants enrolled at the neighboring St. Francis Adult Day Center for shared activities such as music, arts and crafts, and cultural celebrations.

What are the benefits of intergenerational activities to St. Francis Preschool children?

Studies show that children who are part of an intergenerational program display more empathy, have advanced social development, and have improved academic performance and better language skills.

Does a child need to be toilet trained?

Yes, all children must be toilet trained; a child cannot be in diapers or Pull-ups and must be able to use the bathroom without assistance.

Are registration fees and deposits refundable if we choose not to enroll?

The application and registration fees and deposit are non-refundable.

Does a child have to attend every day?

When children attend preschool five days a week, they are more likely to make a quick adjustment to spending time away from home and enjoy the full Preschool experience. This provides them with a sense of belonging and consistency.

At preschool, the focus is on education, not day care. Teachers may cover a lesson over the course of several days.  If a child doesn’t attend every day, he or she will miss out on the instruction. However, if you choose to send your child to preschool for less than five days a week, the tuition remains the same.

Is lunch included in the fee?

Yes, St. Francis Preschool provides a well-balanced lunch and morning and afternoon snacks every day, which are included in the monthly tuition. There is a commercial kitchen onsite, where lunch and snacks are prepared.

Please let the preschool know of any food allergies your child may have.

May I bring my child to school if he or she has a cold?

In consideration of others, we ask that children remain at home for the duration of the cold. If a child has a communicable illness/disease, a Doctor’s release is required before a child is readmitted to school.

How does St. Francis Preschool deal with misbehaving children?

Children are taught appropriate and inappropriate behavior.  The use of “Time-Out” allows a student to calm down, reflect, and adjust. Time-Out is used only after teachers have attempted to reinforce positive behavior and redirect negative behavior. Constant inappropriate behavior will be discussed with parents as soon as possible.

How will I know if my child is ready for Kindergarten?

Teachers conduct various types of assessments throughout the school year. These assessments help teachers to determine if a child is kindergarten-ready. Conferences are held to discuss this in further detail.