Our Core Values

Our core values were first articulated by St. Francis of Assisi, and personified by our foundress, St. Marianne Cope.

As a Catholic health care system, founded by the Sisters of St. Francis and dedicated to creating healthy communities in the spirit of Christ’s healing ministry, we embrace the values espoused by St. Francis of Assisi and personified by our foundress, St. Marianne Cope.


We choose to live in harmony and foster it through a shared lifestyle as the basis of the healing process.   We believe in the concept of ho’oponopono.


We are clear in our vision, relationship, and communication and strive to use our resources in constructive ways.  We work towards keeping a balance in creation by choosing to be ecologically sound and by treasuring our ‘aina.


We are committed to extending care to those who seek our assistance.  We treat each person with dignity and respect.


We sustain a spirit of faith and hope even in difficult times.  We cultivate enthusiasm and share this with all those around us.