Saint Marianne Cope

St. Francis Healthcare System of Hawaii has the distinct privilege of being associated with Saint Marianne Cope (1838-1918), who was canonized by the Vatican on October 21, 2012. Our legacy of caring in the islands can be directly traced to Mother Marianne, who came to Hawaii with six Sisters of St. Francis from Syracuse, New York, to care for those afflicted with Hansen’s disease.

Mother Marianne and the Sisters headed for Hawaii aboard the Mariposa in 1883, determined to make a positive difference in the lives of all those whom they touched.  That same spirit of caring continues today.  Through various programs and services, St. Francis Healthcare System cares for the most vulnerable in our community, including Hawaii’s rapidly growing senior population, and we continually explore new ways to serve those most in need.

As we proudly celebrate the canonization of Hawaii’s first female Saint, the St. Francis Healthcare System `ohana renews our commitment to our mission of creating healthy communities in the Spirit of Christ’s healing ministry.  As Saint Marianne said in the 1870s, “The charity of the good knows no creed and is confined to no one place.”  In this spirit, St. Francis Healthcare System of Hawaii will continue our outreach to those who need us most, wherever they may be found.

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