Capital Campaigns

Over the years, St. Francis Healthcare Foundation of Hawaii has launched capital campaigns, relying on the generosity of foundations, corporations and individuals, for the acquisition, construction or renovations of buildings or purchase of equipment.

Special Capital Projects

Fundraising campaigns are also held for special projects.

St. Francis Intergenerational Center – Where Kupuna and Keiki Meet – $8 Million    




When the doors open to the St. Francis Intergenerational Center in March 2013, what a convenience it will be for families and caregivers to drop off their preschool-age children and aging parents at one location. Children will be guided to their preschool classrooms while seniors head to the adult day center. At set times during the day, the two generations will gather for structured intergenerational activities. This could be for music, crafts, exercise, cultural celebrations, or just to enjoy each other’s company. Pathways will be wide enough to accommodate both wheelchairs and tricycles.

The $8 mllion St. Francis Intergenerational Center is being built on 1.25 acres across the street from St. Francis’ Franciscan Vistas Ewa senior independent living community. The 15,000-square-foot center features four preschool classrooms, adult day care activity room and lounge, and a commercial kitchen where meals will be prepared.

Sister Maureen Keleher, who led St. Francis Medical Center for more than 35 years, was a proponent of nurturing relationships between the young and the old. Named in her honor, the Sister Maureen Intergenerational Learning Environment (SMILE) in Manoa, also known as Franciscan Adult Day Center, was Hawaii’s first intergenerational center. Since its opening in 1996, it has provided support to hundreds of older adults and their caregivers. When children from the adjacent Mother Marianne Cope Preschool visit with the older adult partcipants, older adults are often in better moods, their faces lightening up. This social model is replicated at the St. Francis Intergenerational Center.

Benefits of Intergenerational Day Care

Older adults who attend adult day care:

  • Thrive in a structured program that provides social stimulation and small group interaction
  • Have better emotional, mental and physical health than those in traditional adult day care
  • Avoid isolation and depression
  • Sleep better at night due to the stimulation during the day
  • Receive excellent care at a cost that is much less than other care options such as assisted living and nursing home care
  • Can remain at home, preventing premature institutionalization
  • Allow their caregivers or family members to remain employed
  • Allow their caregivers to receive daytime respite services, reducing caregiver stress

Studies show that children who attend a preschool with an intergenerational component:

  • Have a more positive attitude about older adults
  • Aren’t afraid of people in wheelchairs
  • Have advanced social development and better manners
  • Have improved academic performance and better language skills
  • Have improved self-confidence

Building’s Green Design

In keeping with the Franciscan commitment to responsible stewardship and caring for the environment, the St. Francis Intergenerational Center includes several environmentally friendly features:

  • High efficiency air conditioning systems
  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures
  • Gas appliances
  • Energy star refrigerators
  • Photo voltaic roof panels
  • LED/CFL lamps
  • Occupancy controlled lights
  • Air hand dryers in restrooms

If you would like to support the St. Francis Intergenerational Center, please call us at 808-547-8030.

Our Lady of Kea`au Upgrades – $8 Million

Our Lady of Kea`au’s Vision: To be the foremost Christian community on the Waianae Coast.

A Commitment to Caring for the Poor and Marginalized

Following in the footsteps of Jesus, St. Francis of Assisi and St. Marianne Cope, the Sisters of St. Francis have always cared for the poor, the disadvantaged and the marginalized. Our Lady of Kea`au, a St. Francis Healthcare System entity, was established in 2005 as a Franciscan place of prayer, refuge and recreation. The ministry’s outreach to the homeless is being of service to human beings in need.

It’s no coincidence that Our Lady of Kea`au is located on Oahu’s Waianae Coast, one of the most impoverished areas in the State of Hawaii. In 2006, Waianae’s per capita income was $13,672, the lowest ranked among all geographical areas in the City & County of Honolulu (Hawaii Primary Care Needs Assessment Data, 2006). Waianae ranks 44.1% below 200% of the federal poverty level and 21.9% below 100% of the federal poverty level. Drug abuse often fuels the cycle of poverty, which perpetuates poverty from generation to generation, contributing to a vicious cycle of impoverishment.

Outreach to the Homeless

Since 2006, Our Lady of Kea`au has worked at being a catalyst of change, reaching out to the homeless in the community. Every week, the ministry has prepared hot meals for the homeless living in the area. The meals are not considered handouts, but acts of kindness, restoring dignity to people who have fallen on hard times. At Thanksgiving, homeless families and individuals are guests at the facility, where they share a special meal, take a hot shower, swim in the swimming pool, enjoy live musical entertainment, and go home with a goody bag filled with food and other necessities. They also receive gift baskets at Christmas and Easter, and children enjoy an Easter egg hunt. In fiscal year 2011, Our Lady of Kea`au served nearly 10,600 meals and distributed some 6,430 items, including clothing, diapers, linens, and toiletries. A few have been invited to be a part of the Christian community, where food and housing are provided in exchange for assistance with cooking, cleaning and grounds keeping of the expansive property.

Peaceful Retreat Center for Nonprofit Organizations

“Our Lady of Kea`au is a very peaceful, spiritually inspired place, a reflection of God’s beauty. It is very calming and soothing, good for retreat and meditation.” – Retreat attendee

In addition, the ministry also provides Franciscan hospitality to churches, schools and other nonprofit organizations for events ranging from business meetings, spiritual retreats, concerts, graduation ceremonies, and youth retreats, to outdoor adventure challenges. Many use the facilities for spiritual renewal, reflection and peace. The natural beauty and peaceful ambiance are conducive to meeting and retreat attendees, strengthening relationships and building community among those in their respective groups. A labyrinth allows retreatants to commune with God in the quiet and beauty of the outdoors.

Facilities Available for Use

  • Open-air pavilion
  • Conference room
  • Full-service commercial kitchen
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Barbecue pit
  • Wood-frame cabins
  • Outdoor labyrinth
  • Swimming pool
  • Other recreational amenities

During FY 2011, Our Lady of Kea`au hosted several community groups totaling nearly 6,400 people for weekend or day gatherings. Fees for the use of Our Lady of Kea`au facilities go towards covering the cost of operations and feeding homeless individuals.

Recreation Center Expansion Plans

Our Lady of Kea`au’s expansion plans will enable Our Lady of Kea`au to better serve the community. Plans include:

  • 13 single-story cabins featuring a murphy bed, kitchenette and wrap-around lanai, and sleeps up to five
  • Two one-story, A-frame multi-purpose meeting rooms
  • Ahapua‘a garden

Infrastructure costs include:

  • Water line
  • Septic tank
  • Roadway paving
  • Electrical work
  • Swimming pool repairs

Anticipated Benefits for the Waianae Community

  • Productive, engaged individuals treated with dignity are less likely to fall into crime and drug abuse. This creates a safer environment for the Waianae neighborhood.
  • The cycle of poverty can be broken as Our Lady of Kea`au reaches out to families in need by providing positive role models for future generations.
  • Collaboration with other leeward Oahu organizations will help strengthen the community.