Our Employees Say

Sandra Woo, RN, Liaison Nurse, St. Francis Hospice since 2009:

“As a Liaison Nurse for Hospice, I have the most satisfaction doing my small but crucial part to help ensure our patients transition toward a more peaceful and positive end-of-life experience. I feel this is a personal calling. Death and dying are difficult. It is my faith and my family that motivate me. It is by His strength that I can do this. And I do yoga!”

Suzie Wong, RN (Suzie, who came from England, started as Nurse Aide, then became an LPN and then an RN), St. Francis Home Care since 1973: 

“With home care, people welcome you into their home because they know you’re there to help. It’s not like a hospital. It’s very satisfying to help people get well. I feel good about that!”


Donna Sultzer, RN, St. Francis Hospice since 2007:

“This is a team effort to provide quality care. We rely on social workers, home health aides, Spiritual Services, doctors, and our managers.

My husband is in the military so I have moved every three years. I have done different things over the past 16 to 17 years and this is what I want to do. I worked in hospice care in Florida for two years before moving to Hawaii. And there was something about St. Francis Hospice that just felt right.

Each patient and each situation is different. Each time I make a visit, I pray: ‘Let me listen. What can I do to be a better person who is more understanding and flexible?’  I want to be available for their needs; it’s not about me. It feels good just to hold the hand of someone. I think I get more out of it than the patients.

I am also involved with family teaching. I see families at the beginning who are anxious and scared, and to see families learn and grow more confident in caring for their family member is really nice.

It takes a lot out of me. I give 110% and when I get home, I’m empty, but it’s a good empty. I run and love the ocean. I sit at the bow of our sailboat while sailing in Kaneohe Bay, and that’s where I say my ‘good-byes’ to the people we have lost that week. That’s the way I can keep on giving of myself rather than carrying them with me.”

Cheryl Gray, RN, St. Francis Home Care since 2009:

“I love helping people. That’s the most satisfying aspect of being a nurse. You are rejuvenated when you see someone improving. That is the reward.”