Mission Statement  

We are a Catholic Healthcare System in Hawaii, sponsored by The Sisters of St. Francis, committed to creating healthy communities in the Spirit of Christ’s Healing Ministry.

Vision Statement

  • We are a Mission-driven Catholic Healthcare System readily recognizable through our care of the whole person – physical, psychosocial and spiritual, fostering the values of peacemaking, simplicity, charity and joy. 
  • We uphold a proactive stance with regard to ethical issues, within the framework of the beliefs of the Catholic Church.
  • We provide statewide health services in a holistic environment that encourage harmony and balance with all creation.
  • We focus on quality pre- and post-hospital care, preventive healthcare, health maintenance and healthy lifestyles.
  • We are dedicated to addressing the needs for long-term care services in residences and special communal environments.
  • We maintain an organizational structure that facilitates decision-making, information-sharing and planned implementation at all levels.  
  • We seek to diversify and grow our business activities to support our healthcare mission through partnerships, joint ventures, investments and grants.