Hospice Admission Criteria

Hospice Eligibility Criteria:

St. Francis Hospice provides a highly skilled, team approach to caring for patients with limited life expectancy. For many clinicians hospice has been a last resort, when “there is nothing left to do”. We view hospice as intensive symptom management and comprehensive support for both patients and their families. Our goal is to support the highest quality of life, attending to patients’ medical, social, emotional and spiritual needs.

Predicting prognosis in patients with cancer or chronic illnesses can be very challenging.  One simple, yet effective, tool is to ask yourself  “Would I be surprised if this patient died in the next year?”. If the answer is no, they will likely qualify for hospice and should be referred for a visit from one of our liaison nurses.

In addition Medicare has developed some guidelines for many common diagnoses. Click here to download the simple referral sheet PDF St. Francis Hospice – Referral Guidelines with easy check boxes by diagnosis or call (808) 595-7566 to make a referral by phone.

Of note: UHA (University Health Alliance) has an open access hospice policy so ALL of their beneficiaries with life limitting disease can continue to have disease focussed therapies (i.e. chemotherapy, radiation, TPN, hospitalizations etc) at the SAME time as they receive interdisciplinary hospice care.